Tio Emilio
Tio Emilio
Tio Emilio
Tio Emilio

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Tio Emilio

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Owned and operated by brothers José and Henry Gaibor, Rancho Tio Emilio is a thriving farm and sensational example Ecuadorian coffee production. José, working as an infant heart surgeon, resides in town while Henry and his wife Verena, manage the farm and their own farms Hakuna Matata and Finca Maputo.

Formerly in medicine, the couple's path shifted after working with Doctors Without Borders in Burundi. Returning to Ecuador, they devoted themselves to coffee, excelling in cultivation, processing, and drying with reknowned importers praising their exceptional beans. In Nanegal's microclimate near Colombia's border, their coffees benefit from mist-shrouded afternoons and cool nights, yielding distinct quality

Taste – Red apple, praline, floral & creamy texture.
Location – Ecuador, La Perla, Nanegal
Process – Washed
Varietal – Typica Bourbon