Limited - Jairo Arcila - Santa Monica - EF2 Natural - Java

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Limited - Jairo Arcila - Santa Monica - EF2 Natural - Java

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Producer → Jairo Arcil
Country →Colombia
Region → Quindio
Farm→Santa Monica
Process →Natural EF2

Confectionary strawberry, orange, blueberry sweetness.

Jairo Arcila is a third-generation coffee grower from Quindio. He is married to Luz Helena Salazar and they have two children, Carlos and Felipe Arcila, who are the co- founders of Cofinet.

Jairo’s first job was at Colombia’s second-largest exporter, working as their Mill Manager for over 40 years until his retirement in 2019. Jairo bought his first coffee farm, Finca La Esmeralda, in 1987 and this is where he planted his first Caturra lot. He was fortunate enough to earn money by producing coffee on his farm in addition to working full time.Using his savings, Jairo slowly managed to purchase five additional farms.

This micro-lot is 100% Java. This variety originated in Ethiopia and is a natural mutation of Typica. The seeds were taken to Indonesia where it was named Java. In 1991, it was introduced to Costa Rica and in 2010, it made its way into Colombia.

This coffee was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 24 hours before being placed inside Grainpro bags for 50 hours at a temperature below 22℃. Cherries are then placed on raised beds until 11% moisture content is achieved.