EA Decaf
EA Decaf

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EA Decaf

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Sugarcane ethyl acetate is commonly referred to as natural decaffeination. Made through a process of soaking and steaming the green beans in order to expand the cells. They are then soaked in Ethyl Acetate (AE) solution which is made from fermented molasses, derived from sugar cane. The AE bonds with the caffeine allowing it to be safely removed. After this, the green beans are rinsed, dried, and packed. Ethyl acetate is considered naturally occurring, as it is found in ripened fruit and vegetation including sugar cane, apples, and berries.

Taste – Sweet brown sugar & orange citrus.
Location – Colombia → Montalvo, Tolima
Process – Fully washed EA
Varietal – Caturra, Typica
MASL – 1800MA