Scarlet Supernatural
Scarlet Supernatural
Scarlet Supernatural
Scarlet Supernatural

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Scarlet Supernatural

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Uraga washing station is situated near the town of Dilla, perched on a ridge amoung steep mountains. This washing station boasts impressive quality of coffee with the best small-holder farm coffees being selected for experimental and progressive processing techniques. The Scarlet Supernatural is one of these amazing coffees. 

The coffee is hand sorted to remove under and over-ripe cherries and select cherries, these perfectly ripe cherries are shade-dried on raised beds in thick piles and regularly turned over to control fermentation for the first 3-5 days then thinned out during the day but piled up again inside plastic ‘cocoons’ at night for 5-8 days. Finally, cherries are spread in thick layers on beds with frequent moving for 10-15 days until moisture reaches 10-12%. Dried beans are then stored in the dried cherry pod for protection and to maximise fruit flavours until milling and export preparation. At the coffee mill further quality control and sorting are done; the coffee is triple-passed through a colour sorter and then triple-passed through hand-sorting tables to improve the overall cup quality.

Taste Red apple, red cherry, plum, pink floral & orange soda.
Location – Ethiopia → Uraga
Process – Supernatural
Varietal – Heirloom
MASL – 1950-2300MASL