Oscar Restrepo - Red Honey
Oscar Restrepo - Red Honey
Oscar Restrepo - Red Honey
Oscar Restrepo - Red Honey

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Oscar Restrepo - Red Honey

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Producer: Oscar Restrepo

Location:  Colombia→Apia→La Divisa

Process: Red Honey

Variety: Castillo


Flavour Notes: Stewed apple, orange, floral 

This coffee is produced by Oscar Restrepo at his farm “La Divisa”. Oscar is a third generation coffee farmer and agronomist engineer, his amazing knowledge culminates to produce incredible coffees such as this red honey processed castillo.

The farm is located in the region of Apia, Risaralda, Colombia, at an altitude of 1700 to 1800

masl, the coffee trees grow in rich soil that is abundant in minerals like the manganese,

which provides nutrients for the coffee trees. The region is known for having microclimates that cause drastic temperature changes. Making the coffee cherries ripen slower resulting in more sugars to concentrate in the cherry and then the coffee bean. These incredible growing conditions result in complex, bright and sweet coffees that highlight Oscar’s hard work and dedication to his farm and processing methods.