Edwin Noreña — Santuario Project
Edwin Noreña — Santuario Project
Edwin Noreña — Santuario Project
Edwin Noreña — Santuario Project

Kindred Coffee

Edwin Noreña — Santuario Project

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Part of the Santuario Project, Edwin Noreña is the third generation farmer and also a Q grader, and an agroindustrial engineer. With this range of knowledge, Edwin has looked to innovate the farming practices for the specialty crops he grows on the farm. The Santuario Project isolates exceptional lots from their producing partners and works with clients abroad to create beautiful results. Finca Campo Hermoso produces high quality, innovative coffees which have been used in competitions giving Campo Hermoso international recognition.

Carbonic maceration process cherries are selectively harvested when their sugar concentrations go beyond 24 brix's. They are then soaked in water for 3 hours before the cherries undergo their initial anaerobic cherry fermentation for 6 hours with Mossto. Mossto is a crushed cherry pulp, a technique similar to winemakers. Adding this gives the microbes extra sugar to process. The coffee is sun-dried on African beds for 22 days before being transferred inside a warehouse for 5 days in order for the humidity to stabilise. Finally, the coffee is stored in GrainPro bags for another 8-10 

Taste Confectionery red sweet, tropical fruits, citrus acidity.
LocationColombi, Quinidi, Finca Campo Hermoso
ProcessCM Natural
Varietal – Geisha