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Kindred Coffee

Jesus Garcia

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Cajamarca is a semi-dry, semi-cold, tropical highland of Peru with very fertile soil at high Andean mountain elevations. All of these factors contribute to the potential of specialty coffee production in the area, which is growing. Smallholder producers farm on 2-3 hectares of land, many of which practise organic farming. Most farmers in the area work independently, but there has been a recent increase in cooperatives which has been effective in increasing the quality of coffees produced in the area.

This coffee is a washed coffee like the vast majority of produce that comes out of Peru. This is a wonderful example of Peruvian coffee, we hope you enjoy it.  

Taste Berry, floral, plum, chocolate.
LocationPeru, Cajamarca, Finca El Roble
Process – Washed
Varietal – Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica