Indigo Lot 1222
Indigo Lot 1222
Indigo Lot 1222
Indigo Lot 1222

Kindred Coffee

Indigo Lot 1222

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Travelling through the Kebele Koke through the Woreda Yirgacheffe, you will find the visual definition of wild coffee: natural mutations of arabica trees that speckle the forest growing densely and overhead around the hills that circle the washing stations.

Red dirt roads lead the way to raised drying beds perched where the land allows them to be flat, while the sun beams down through the low-humid, dry air, helping to infuse the flavours of the cherry into the green bean, creating what we inevitably know will be incredibly delicious tasting coffees. 

The Indigo Lot 1222 is one of these amazing coffees selected to go through the Carbonic Maceration process.

Taste – Purple grape, red wine, dark plum, blackberry & dark chocolate.
LocationEthiopia → Koke
ProcessNatural Carbonic Maceration
Varietal – Heirloom